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Fundación PCT de la UCN, firma acuerdo de colaboración con el centro de excelencia de la U. de Calofornia, Davis en Chile

FUNDACIÓN PARQUE CIENTIFICO TECNOLOGICO DE LA UNIVERSIDAD CATÓLICA DEL NORTE , FIRMA ACUERDO DE COLABORACIÓN CON EL CENTRO DE EXCELENCIA DE LA U. DE CALIFORNIA, DAVIS EN CHILE   Alianza espera avanzar junto con AMRA en materias de Transferencia Tecnológica y Desarrollo Industrial Sustentable     Durante los días jueves 13 y viernes 14 de […]

Lanzan Makipuray Centro de Incubación y Aceleración de Negocios

LANZAN MAKIPURAY CENTRO DE INCUBACIÓN Y ACELERACIÓN DE NEGOCIOS La nueva entidad ofrece una serie de servicios de apoyo a las empresas de base tecnológica de la región de Antofagasta. La Fundación Parque Científico Tecnológico de la Universidad Católica del Norte (PCT UCN) realizó el lanzamiento del programa Makipuray, el cual tiene por objetivo fortalecer […]

Fundación PCT UCN presenta “Makipuray” centro de incubación y aceleración de negocios

Makipuray es un programa realizado por la Fundación Parque Científico Tecnológico UCN, que tiene como objetivo relevar el ecosistema de emprendimiento regional y fomentar la creación y acompañamiento de Empresas de Base Tecnológica (EBT), a través de métodos de incubación y aceleración. En este sentido, la Fundación PCT UCN invita a las empresas a postular […]


Many of those attending the Fair for Research and Technology 2017 (FITEC UCN), its third annual event, visited the stand representing the Park for Science and Technology of the Catholic University of the North (PCT UCN). The PCT UCN managed to bond with the community who showed great interest in its purpose, services and lines […]

PCT UCN presents the year’s to date, and the 2017 catalogue

In September, UCN’s Park for Science and Technology (Parque Científico Tecnológico – PCT UCN) played host to a series of highly successful, and well-attended, informative breakfasts. The activities were intended as a means to inform those present of the results for the year so far, and present them with the Research Catalogue for 2017. Attendees […]

PCT UCN participates in Workshop “Building a Shared Vision About Innovation and Technology Park of Antofagasta Region”

This week, The Techno-Scientific Park Foundation, an initiative created by the Catholic University of the North, participated in the workshop “Building a Shared Vision about Innovation and Technology Park of Antofagasta Region”. The workshop was the result of efforts made by the Programa Estratégico Clúster Minero (Strategic Mine Cluster Program), in the Region of Antofagasta in […]

PCT UCN takes part in the Nodo Diversifica tu pyme

Last Friday, the PCT UCN (Scientific Technologic Park of Universidad Católica del Norte) was invited to the re-designing of Sustained and sustainable business models workshop, while in the “Nodo diversifica tu pyme”’s activity framework, an initiative promoted by the ACT consultancy and directed by Victor Canales. In this occasion, through the re-designing of Sustained and […]

PCT UCN tightens bonds between the UCN and Fundación Chile

With a great number of assistants carried out  the collaborative reunion organized by the Scientific Technologic Park of the UCN (PCT UCN) in collaboration with the Escuela de Negocios Mineros, which main objective was to vinculate and gave to know the capacities of our University. This activity had the participation of researchers and directors of […]

A successful participation of the PCT UCN at the Exponor 2017

A great welcome got the presence of the Scientific Technologic Park in Universidad Católica del Norte stand at the 2017’s Exponor, where they had the chance to promote the vinculation of the north macro zone’s productive industry with the centres, laboratories and academic units of the UCN (Universidad Católica del Norte). This way, the PCT […]

Opening of modern “Llankay” building at UCN

A succesful launch ceremony was held for the new building, named “Llankay”. With 700 square meters of space over three floors, this building will be home to the Science and Technology Park (PCT-UCN) and the Scientific Equipment Unit at our university, and is located just south of the Central Campus, close to the Ruinas de […]